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Pair of 8 star homes

February 21 2023 By pronin

Pair of 8 star homes for a developer.

Two 9.4 star rated homes

February 20 2023 By pronin

Two, 9.4 star rated homes – an almost unprecedented level of energy efficiency. Pre-installed double-glazing.

Two-storey, low energy custom home

February 20 2023 By pronin

Two-storey, low energy custom home. Built off-grid in a BAL 29 Fire-zone. Bondek-style and concrete intermediate floor system.

Two-storey home

February 08 2023 By pronin

Installed by two men and ready for roof cover in 7 days.

Single-storey home

February 06 2023 By pronin

Steel roof trusses Double-glazed windows Stone cladding

5 single-storey 8 star homes

February 03 2023 By pronin

Thermally-broken, aluminium windows for superior insulation and condensation-free frames.