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Developer/Builder Benefits

  • 7 star minimum NatHers energy rating
  • Lower cost than traditional build
  • Faster, reduces overheads and risk
  • Less time wasted between steps
  • Largely unaffected by bad weather
  • Installed by two men and a crane - fewer trades to manage
  • Minimal waste
  • Quieter, cleaner and safer site
  • Thinner walls assist plot ratio
  • Suitable for BAL FZ, FRL up to 120/120/120.
  • Higher sale prices

Homeowner Benefits

  • Freedom of architectural design
  • Traditional or modern finishes
  • Faster and better-quality build
  • Half the costs of heating and cooling vs. current standards
  • Steel frame more durable than timber, no warping, rot, mould or termites
  • Higher fire and flood resistance
  • Double-glazing option for an 8 star rating and improved noise and security
  • Greener, reduced energy and CO2 over the life of the house