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8-star homes by industry titan and Pro9

13th December 2023

Amid the growing pressure to go green, some leading brands are embracing the challenge.

Industry titan AVJennings recently unveiled its Stellar Collection – a range of affordable family homes with a minimum 8-str efficiency energy rating.

“We think these are a bit of a game changer,” says Kearns.

“Houses in Australia have been built the same way for years, but we’ve been around a long time – 91 years, in fact – and we started searching for a different form of construction a few years ago.

“We came across the Pro9 technology which we found was efficient for building, but also had big environmental benefits.”

The innovative walling system uses a dense foam insulation core, creating a highly durable and energy-efficient home once wrapped around a sturdy, custom-designed galvanised steel frame.

“It has a higher fire-proof rating, it’s stronger than brick, and the speed of construction is a factor too,” Kearns says.

“The fact that we can put these homes up quickly means less waste and fewer safety issues on site.”

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