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Pro9 Global prefab wall systems a game changer

11th February 2021

Pro9 Global prefab wall systems a game changer

This article appeared in the October magazine edition of Build Australia.

The expectation to deliver a quality house faster and more cost competitively whilst maintaining margin is a growing challenge for even the biggest builders.

Until now, there has been no distinct advantage for Australian builders. It’s simply been a case of producing a better home more cost effectively than the next builder, yet equipped with the same tools and building materials.

But builders are now finding the competitive edge with Pro9 Global’s prefabricated Structural Wall Systems, which are up to 30 per cent faster to install and 20 per cent more affordable than a traditional build.

“It’s a win-win for the builder and client,” Pro9 Global founder and managing director Daniel Jukic said.

“The walls are delivered to site and erected within days, plus the reduced requirements for trades means improved margins for builders.

“From a client’s perspective, they get a quality finish, save costs on the heating and cooling throughout the lifetime of the building, and get to move into their dream home faster.

One of only a few lightweight systems to undergo stringent testing and receive CodeMark Certification in Australia (Building Code of Australia), Pro9 Global’s Structural Wall Systems also offer full design flexibility, high acoustic performance, high thermal resistance, and are load bearing.

Moreover, it is suitable for BAL-FZ extreme bushfire risk areas.

Superior performance and a Class A finish

The PRO125 Wall System is precision engineered suitable for detached and semi-detached homes, grouped dwellings and low rise residential developments.

It has a thermal rating of 4.2 making for reduced energy costs, and the acoustic rating of 31db means better sound insulation.

“More than A$12 million has been invested in designing, engineering and testing the wall,” Jukic said.

“The walls have a Class A finish, both internal and external, which can be finished with paint, plaster, render, planking or any material the client desires.” ‍

Faster build times, CodeMark Certified

By simplifying the build process and shifting construction away from site and into a controlled factory environment, efficiencies are created.

Highly mechanised onsite installation equipment reduces onsite errors and manual labour hours. Pro9 Global’s walls are load bearing, so can be used for multi-storey construction.

“The PRO125 wall is CodeMark Certified meaning builders can build with confidence,” Jukic said.

The walls were also recently recognised as a finalist across four categories at the 2018 Australian Construction Awards.

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*Based on an 100kN load