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Pro9 Global boosts eco-house energy efficiency

11th February 2021

Pro9 Global boosts eco-house energy efficiency

Pro9 Global’s thermally insulated wall systems have been used to build an eco-house aiming to set the benchmark for sustainable living in Western Australia. 

The owners behind the off-grid home, located in WA’s Swan Valley wine region, were looking for a product that could increase energy efficiency, without breaking the budget.  

“The whole idea behind an eco-house is that it is designed to optimise sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint,” said owner Colin Harper.

“A lot of that comes down to selecting the right materials. The choice of Pro9 Global’s wall systems was a no-brainer: low cost, energy efficient and, as they are modular, they made for a quick and easy installation process.”

Mr Harper chose Pro9 Global’s 210mm thermally insulated wall system, which maximises interior liveability in a location where temperatures range from 0 degrees in winter to more than 40 degrees in summer. 

The walls’ R Value, which measures a material’s ability to resist the conduction of heat, is 7.2, which is 2.5x the building code requirement and will dramatically reduce power consumption compared to traditional materials such as brick or concrete. 

The house’s energy efficiency was further increased by the use of high specification European double-glazed windows, also supplied by Pro9 Global. 

“Pro9 Global’s wall system will reduce the reliance on heating and cooling appliances, like air conditioners,” said Mr Harper.  

“It’s a win-win. The walls reduce the carbon impact on the environment, but also deliver savings to homeowners by lowering their power bills.”

Another important feature of the companies wall systems is that they are approved for use in Australia’s most extreme bushfire zone and rated BAL-FZ. This is important as the Swan Valley region falls within the state’s designated bushfire zone and the Harpers’ new home has many trees nearby. 

“There is no question that prefabricated materials and modular construction are the future and Pro9 Global is set to lead this next revolution in housing construction,” said Pro9 Global Managing Director Daniel Jukic. 

“We have already developed a range of precision engineered wall systems that are energy efficient, fireproof, cost competitive and simple to install. 

“And our modular construction systems are shaking up the building industry; we shift construction away from the worksite to a controlled factory environment to reduce manual labour hours and onsite errors.” 

Pro9 Global is an innovative Australian company that manufactures precision, prefabricated  wall systems that significantly reduce building costs and construction time-frames while setting new standards for thermal efficiency and durability.

Pro9 Global’s modular wall systems are load-bearing, thanks to their integral steel frame, and carry the Codemark certification of compliance with NCC building standards for use up to 4 storeys.